Volcanism 101 by John Szabo MS in Athens

john-szaboIt was all about salt, grit and power last night in Athens as John Szabo MS presented his book “Volcanic Wines”.  Having spent years researching, the Canadian author argued that there was plenty of sensory data that could prove a link between wines from volcanic soils from all around the world -regardless of the vast differentiations met in different volcanic regions. Naturally, the “M” word (minerality) was the co-star of the event, triggering thought-provoking discussion between the panelists Sofia Perpera, Dr. Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and Yiannis Karakasis MW. They all seemed to embrace the term “minerality” despite (or even due to) the descriptor’s ambiguity.

The fascinating journey to volcanism came down to a tasting of 8 wines from different volcanic terroirs: Germany, Santorini, Italy and Portugal with a fab Madeira. Salt, grit and power in different volume and expression, while the reds from Mt Etna powered the question whether “minerality” could be more evident in reds or whites. It was a full house, even with the rally in Syntagma square that caused a serious traffic jam in downtown Athens.

What we keep as a sum up is John Szabo’s note: “Volcanic wines are not necessarily pleasant. Nevertheless, they are distinctive“.

Looking forward to reading the book.


The wines of the tasting.

Among them, Santorini Assyrtiko Organic 2015 by SantoWines.




The event took place in ELECTRA METROPOLIS HOTEL in Athens,

organized by Eleni Blouchou and BONELLO Trading LTD.


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