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It was in 1981 when the first ever Regional Wine of Greece (Vin De Pays) was recognized; that wine was “Agioritikos coming from the Tsantali’s vineyard in Mount Athos. It was the reward for Evangelos Tsantalis’ dedicated effort to introduce to the Greek wine market the value of a wine’s origin and to highlight the importance of the vineyard. In fact Evangelos Tsantalis was so determined to succeed his goal that he honorary named the wine “Agioritikos” {ah-yior-hee-tee-kos} which in Greek means someone or something that originates from Mount Athos (=Agion Oros).

Carrying on this legacy, the wines from Mount Athos maintain a prominent position at the history and development of the Greek winemaking and entrepreneurship; 26 years later than the first Regional Wine of Greece, another milestone has been added: “Kormilitsa Gold“, a limited production red wine, was awarded the honorary title of the “Official Wine of Kremlin Moscow“. The title given for the first time ever in a wine fueled the awareness of Greek wines in the developing markets of Russia and China.


Kormilitsa Gold: The Jewel of Mount Athos and Tsantali

By Yiannis Karakasis MW

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