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“The question is not how much it will cost to bring this vineyard to life;
  the real question is whether it can give quality grapes or not.”
  Evangelos Tsantalis (1913-1996)                                                                                                                                                                                      

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The Tsantali family has been cultivating vineyards, making wines and distilling ouzo and tsipouro since 1890.

Evangelos Tsantalis, second generation winemaker and one of the most charismatic figures in the Greek winemaking history, has rendered the local family business into a rapidly developing brand name, always at the forefront of innovation.

The vineyard has always been the core of the Tsantali philosophy. The rejuvenation of some of the most exquisite vineyards in Northern Greece like Mount Athos, Rapsani, Halkidiki and Maronia, is attributed to the family’s vision; thanks to the Tsantali’s dedication and strategic investment, today outstanding traditions are safely kept, biodiversity and native grapes are preserved and incentive has been given to younger vine growers and winemakers.

This long-standing heritage is carried on today by the third and fourth Tsantali generation. The goal remains a solid blend of deep respect for the identity of the vineyard, emphasis on quality and sustainable development, commitment to insightful entrepreneurship, and a seductive storytelling inspired by the “sense of place”.

Since 2012, TSANTALI is the exclusive distributor of SANTO WINES contributing to the establishment of the new SANTORINI brand.   

Bookmarks for September 2020

Iconic brand, new range

Agioritiko Abaton is among the most iconic Greek wine brands highlighting the category of fine wine. Today, the emblematic brand rejuvenates its packaging and launches a brand new wine range.


Kormilitsa Gold: The Jewel of Mount Athos and Tsantali

By Yiannis Karakasis MW

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Awards and Ratings

Awards from esteemed Competitions around the world and ratings from prestigious wine critics and publications.


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Tsantali Behind the Scenes

Tsantali Roditis Rosé NV

Dry – Floral aromas and fragrant fruit. A delightful dry rosé wine, with delicate floral aromas and fragrant fruit on the palate. Food Pairing: Its lively acidity and freshly sliced fruit palate bring the best out of grilled sea and f
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As Greek As It Gets

At the popular London based restaurant “As Greek As It Gets”, visitors experienced an authentic Greek gastronomy night.On Wendesday November 24th, owner Mr. Dimitris Karonis presented his updated menu that was served along with
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MAKEDONIKOS. New Look, Same Character.

Our old time favorite MAKEDONIKOS family has changed. The classic label from TSANTALI aquired a new,improved look that is filled with a more modern and elegant “touch”. But what remains the same is the character of the wine. Sti
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